Al cavaliere perso


 Al Cavaliere perso tries to keep the elegance of a local tradition from Friuli and adds always a touch of freshness and innovation in the cuisine: this is our daily challenge!


Our cuisine is the typical Fiumana one. We source the freshest ingredients and prepare our meals using the principles of fine dining. We regularly update our menus to keep the dining experience interesting and to capitalise on seasonal foods. We employ only the best in the industry to guarantee the highest quality meals are prepared for you every time. We’ve worked hard to provide a perfect environment in which people can enjoy unwinding and enjoying a meal or some drinks with us. It’s a favorite spot for romantic dinners for two, corporate dinners, and families alike.


Our modest but stocked winery on display offers you about 100 labels, both locals and internationals among you can choose the best wine to combine with your meal.

Our Place

We take great care in the setting of our restaurant, we provide you around 35-40 seats inside and 20 outside. The interior of the restaurant features a modern-inspired design and ambient lighting to create and ensure a perfect atmosphere in which you can relax and enjoy your meal.

Our Events

We can organize you some events like baptisms, confirmations, graduations. We have particular menus for children, vegetarian people and gluten-intolerant. The combination of a luxurious environment, scrumptious food, and delicate service makes the ideal location for any events.

Our People

Meet our hard-working and talented people. Our chefs are highly skilled and constantly working on new ideas to introduce to our kitchen. Our people are all qualified and trained to give you a clean professional service to guarantee top quality standards.

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+39 0434 28061



Opening Hours:

11 a.m.- 3 p.m. 6.00 p.m. – 12 a.m. Monday fixed day off


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